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Unrealized potential: a reservoir of ease of movement and energy held in life impressions

March 18, 2010
by Van

At this moment we all have a reservoir of unrealized potential of more ease of movement and energy. Often we refer to our “tight sore hip,” foot pain, neck stiffness or some other such label. These contained ‘potentials’ also relate to interpersonal patterns: inner longing, fear, insecurity. By the way, one’s body and interpersonal patterns/potentials have a direct connection.

We withdraw to hold or protect a vulnerable feeling event or belief using our energy and membranes to do so. All tissues have their own ‘job description’ when asked to remain static: in holding, they act as a stone in your shoe at first…a gentle reminder that ‘I have other things to do…’ Not heard, tissue packages, or “life impressions,” make more noise—which we label as pain and as stronger emotions.

We complain about our packaged events, experience pain, label them: bad hip, my good arm versus… These ‘titles’ overlay the contained event with attitude. With the new label more energy is devoted to holding, more tissues are drawn to the scene, adding more to the unrealized potential. (Just wait till you reclaim your juice and the glide of tissue!).

Maybe we intend to get back to this—the contained event—later. But more often it is forgotten, left in storage. These contained events and feelings interrupt the natural flow of life force expression and movement. The result is they begin to ‘rub us’—irritate to be heard; if not heard, they speak louder—more pain, stronger feeling…

When we “have a look”—create support or feel safer—our tissues that hold and protect the event receive a message from the motor cortex of the brain. “You can relax—we have reinforcements!” This message arrives as the sensory cortex responds to the support. This neurological messages inspires change—a greater wholeness of function.  Tissues unravel, releasing the demand for your energy locally; you have more energy; life force flows freely; and your movements are lighter and more efficient. This letting go process could be called “tapping your unrealized potential.”

One more example: you have a fall, catch yourself with your right arm, it compresses into your shoulder and neck. The body response: it holds and protects against further invasion using a natural membrane, a semi-flexible ‘cast.’ Here’s an intelligent method of releasing such a chosen pattern: think of one of those touch release cabinet doors. You press ‘in’ to get the door to open. Supporting the shoulder arm and ribs, holding them, and offering very slight inward compressions, you then ‘get’ from the outside, giving PERMISSION from your inner protective response to release the contained area.

What else can you do to reap your unrealized potentials? May we consider potentials stored quite some time ago:

  • Movement lessons of a nature designed to listen and learn, not produce results
  • Very gently exploring non-habitual activities
  • Very slowly exploring and noticing to feel differences

You can download movement lessons free to explore your “unrealized potential” in the blog soon…check the media page.

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  1. rebecah ziegler permalink
    March 22, 2010 5:37 pm

    Sat Nam Van~~~

    At long last, I am grateful beyond words that Ganesha has finally removed the obstacles and your Work and Teachings are here.

    As Always a Student and Sending you Love,

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