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Before the embryo, calm before the storm

April 1, 2010
by Van

Before our embryo we were conscious fluid contained within a single drop of protoplasm entirely whole. Our embryo formed about us the size of that single drop—we were whole. We were fully conscious within our-self, unaffected by gravity, even within the shifting confines of the womb.

We are complete—whole—in fact we always will be, even after the ‘storm’ that comes.

The storm: the ‘illusion of separation’ from our-self, the-self, and others. We are given a name identifying us as someone other than the “One.” Maybe a number is assigned depending upon where we take birth, possibly some crowded hospital. Soon someone counts toes, fingers—separate parts are identified, if only from the outside.

A bit later comes, “this is your nose, can you say nose? This is your ear, no, not your nose ear…that’s right…” Illusions of parts continues—is even escalated—’education’ continues. “This is your calf muscle, that is your thigh muscle,” and so on. This is wrong on many levels! The muscle system is that: a system, in relationship to all systems, and none other than the whole.

Granted we may need to differentiate in order to communicate about a part of the whole. But too often we forget to relate back to reality, think of the part in relationship to the whole… ultimately losing the truth of wholeness in the medicine.

We ‘lose’ a lover or loved one—they say you have a heart ache, but you feel it everywhere. The loss is in your gut, your sleep, your head, your eyes weeping…it is the ‘storm of separation’. All experiences are whole; compartmentalized experiences get stuck in their created compartment, either physically, mentally, or emotionally. It is best to have the “whole gang’ of you in this together (you have a better chance of coming through whatever “this” was intact, with no parts missing.)

When the storm is over—even during the storm deep within you—you are safe. It may seem as though all will be lost, but that is ‘outside.’ That happens outside the house (the roof over your head), outside the house of your body. Inside the drop inside the whole, you float unaffected by the motions, emotions, as you once did in the womb.

The fact is we continue throughout our life span to live in our embryo, our drop, our self…

Dear reader there are movement lessons soon to be added to the group you may freely download to help remind you through movement exploration of your oneness. “From the womb to the early days of childhood.”

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  1. June 10, 2010 10:23 pm



    We just finished our embryo workshop in holland. Stillness in Action.

    I am constantly followed by your idea of the porridge of life and its clumps.
    Since then I’ve been telling to everybody about churning their own porridge and each time I tell it I enjoy it more! it’s simply fabulous.

    wholeness is there, stillness is there in each drop of the porridge.
    I became porridge.
    whole, slow and happy.
    and I stay there in the place which is, as nowhere else, “always the same”.

    Dear Van, keep making such marvelous recipies for us…

    bless you


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