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Our First Time…

August 23, 2010
by Van

Our First Time…”I have never felt my feet touch the ground like this…”she said after the lesson.  “I can feel both bones of my pelvis when I sit, I don’t think I ever noticed this before, I can even breath better…” he said after another lesson. Both of these people held an expression of amazement on their face, eyes filled with the delight you might find in a child. With focused attention and a simple non-habitual action or though we can be there then as it were. (As being here now is always in the past when we get around to noticing it….)

The first time for everything, time and time again. Imagine every single thing you do happening for the first time.  Can you remember the delight, as a child the first bike ride, sleigh ride, ice cream, maybe your first steps, later the first day of school, first kiss: the list goes on and on.

The point is there is something very profound in the moment beyond the aha, a place in our life where we are always new fresh and have choice. This ‘place’ of newness is also the place we arrive on our way toward deep meditation and beyond. Why not experience it when you want by choice?

Each movement, your every observation, each breath can be fresh, new, exciting, awakening for your entire self—a first time experience of how and who you are again and again. When too much habit enters our actions thoughts and beliefs the brain becomes dull/ numb/automatic: “who cares, been there, done that,” and we take little or no notice. Precious awakenings and enjoyment pass in habituation. When we move, breathe, speak with intention with spontaneity born of curious interest in every part of our life then we are able to repeat the first time many times.

If we have an experience we like, or dislike, we tend to “lock on,” attach, hold, and imprint, hoping we can continue the feeling longer, or resolve the discontent. In doing so we miss the fullness of the event, the lesson if you will, of that moment, be it pleasant or unpleasant. And we miss the amazing event directly after that one. We miss the new lessons while clinging to the “other event” that we still try to cling to. The ones we hold to so tightly take center stage in our consciousness leaving very little room for another great aha!

There are books about the “Now”: Being Here Now, Living in The Now, and of course the ever favorite “how now brown cow” (could not resist that one). These books offer an enticing possibility for experience. However the abstract reading and thinking about such an event, moment, or action is not quite the same as “being there” once more for the first time.

I invite you to explore the movement lessons under “Media” on this blog site. There is a fresh one coming from the Poland class I just returned from… soon to arrive on the media page—it is bi-lingual as well as shall I say multi-dimensional. Within the movement exploration there are direct invitations to feel what it is like to breath and move “for the very first time in your life,” again and again and again.

Until this particular lesson is up and running, any of the lessons can be experienced in this manner. Follow these guidelines to make it so for yourself. With eyes closed; look within, “see” or feel yourself in contact with the surface you rest upon, notice details: displacement of weight, temperature, ease, anything you can to gain greater moment to moment clarity. When the movement suggestion comes, follow it into yourself, track the sound from vibrating airspace into your ear. From auditory message to neuro-response. Take a moment to note how you initiate action—you have choice there, maybe your first time ever to notice such a thing. Proceed from there with each movement offering. At the end of the lesson rise from the floor slowly enough to allow for the first time experience to manifest with each sequence toward vertical.

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  1. August 24, 2010 2:50 pm

    Loved the way this was written – the energy behind it really resonated.

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