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Balancing From Inner Self

October 29, 2010
by lifeimpressionsbodywork

I will begin this blog with a bit of mechanical language, but as you will see it is, as always, about us, the Indwelling Being, not the mechanics of form.

There is a term in osteopathic medicine that has to do with supportive membranes within our skull—are you ready? The “reciprocal tension membrane system.” Now there is a mouth full—even a head full of ideas.

These RTM for short are membranes elastic, yet very strong, which hold the cranial cavity brain vessels, fluids, and other components in relationship. This membrane system is connected through the base of the brain and skull to the rest of the system via more membranes.

The tone of all tissues (these composing the RTM included) is established and maintained in the brain and nervous system (which in turn is held by our awareness). Tending to this very sensitive combination of tissues assists in many profound and subtle self-corrections. These specialized membranes, like all our tissues, can be accessed consciously—thus balancing our inner self in form with the ‘formless’ self awareness stemming from the Spirit—that we are under all of the above.

In an attempt to cut to the chase, or simplify a complex anatomical discourse, let me say this: we have within all body parts these reciprocal tension membranes, held in place by profound awareness and the impressions of our life. They are receptive to self correction with our focused attention, increased safety and support, and appropriate movement, and touch—even if they are compromised very strongly through traumatic events or long-term habituation.

Now for the practical side; with any segment of our Self we may notice qualities of compression—dents in our fenders. Example—lay on your back, scan your torso, note the four corners (hip and shoulder joints), observe the relationship, notice if one seems compressed and/or the others more full, rounded. These observations would indicate a disparity in the inner balance relating to inner RTM suspensory tissues. More accurately you hold “that one” closer for some reason. The exploration is designed to reveal…fixing is not the issue.

Counter-intuitive to how we might tend to this ‘corner compression, increase the “dent”! Find a way to pull it in further, very very softly, very very slightly. Breath softly into the compression three times, then very slowly release your hold. Rest, and note the change from within. Repeat this once or twice more, filling the dent with your breath which emanates from your inner self. Or shall I say, take up residence in the newly available space, thus balancing from inner self!

Note: do not go for great changes—soft gentle changes may be acceptable and pushing will be rejected. Don’t try to create perfection—you are already there, perfectly balanced within your personal imbalance! Even the dents/divots have value and contain valuable information—they do not represent a flaw in character health or self-worth. The dents hold potential for well-being, learning, and personal growth when tended to with respect care and, yes, love.

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  1. rebecah ziegler permalink
    October 29, 2010 6:03 pm

    as always Van, you “show up” with such valuable information, thank you…Namaste ~ rebecah

  2. October 29, 2010 10:21 pm

    I like this because it’s quick and easy. I have a ‘dent’ that I’m aware of all the time around my right kidney, and always trying to work to fill it with breath, etc. But this is moving how my body already wants to move & protect. Sneaky, Van! Have you been invited yet to Amsterdam?

  3. Jacqui Present permalink
    November 10, 2010 5:47 pm

    I find the language very accessible, poetic and potent. You put your thoughts down with a clarity that resonates what needs to be realized. I so appreciate reading and listening to you.

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