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Bones second most supportive component in life: see how you can change from within

March 15, 2010
by Van

Part 1

When we can sense bone, functioning from the inside-out, we have great power, stability, and safety. To use our bones we must have access to them. To have access, we must feel them. One way we inhibit our feeling is by directing our attention outside too much. Activities that overuse big muscles to excess—utilizing too much effort—when simply taking more time, getting help, or rolling something could allow us to do the job with ease.

Habituation—repeating the same activity the same way, whether physical repetition or in attitude—hardens us on the surface. We encase ourselves with effort; and in time an unnaturally hard surface will isolate us from others we would like to contact or who would like to contact us. Also a hard surface inhibits our own entrance ‘within.’ We cannot feel, and therefore cannot function from our second most supportive component when we hold ourselves too tightly.

How to change this dynamic? Begin to think from inside out, yes it is as simple as that. When you lift your arm, take time to feel, imagine your core, your infrastructure, bone. Send your bone up first—your muscles will follow as directed. Your bones shall follow as directed from YOU, the ‘indwelling being.’

Which brings us to the first most supportive component (maybe there is a better word here, ‘attribute’…?)—Spirit. The first and most supportive attribute in our life is our Spirit. May I offer a few titles for the most supportive attribute: life force, your highest self, your chi—my favorite though is Spirit…whatever term you use for this most holy, most sustainable part of self, this is what intends the aforementioned movement of the arm.

Back to our bone. When we move from the depth of bone we move with power, grace, lightness and support. Imagine now you move from the greatest underlying layer of all your Spirit! All that is required for this experience is taking the time, redirecting your focus from inside-out to outside-in for a short time (closing your eyes could help but may not be necessary).

Try this if you like. There is a world of inner experience within you. See for yourself how you can change yourself.

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