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Muscle-overuse cancels out support from bones creating unhealthy "tone"

March 15, 2010
by Van

Part 2 Bones second most supportive component in our life

How did we lose, or forget, the value, the power, and strength of using our bones? When we began to function from agenda; when we out-paced our core structures; when effort versus integration was taught to us…

The tone of our entire organism is held in the brain and nervous system, which may be/’should be’ governed by our Spirit, our inner wisdom. When we traded in curiosity and spontaneity, we were forced to use greater effort to “keep up” with the agendas proposed by society, family, school system, life; then we physically changed the tone in our system: a message was sent from our brain based on some erroneous belief that we were not good enough, fast enough, whatever enough.

The tone of the superficial musculature—the ‘fast twitch stuff’—got more attention to rise to the task… Over use of the large muscles cancels out inherent inner support from bones. The big muscles literally get first in line functionally, act too soon. and leave the bone behind unused. This can and does become habitual; we forget more often, to a point where this become habit.

When the habit of such behavior locks down our own ability to choose, then our Spirit, who is behind all choice of action, is forgotten; we are then functioning from the past habits, thus limiting choice. We form a life impression hardened in flesh, isolated from awareness.

How do we reclaim our whole function, bones, and personal choice? We must begin to think differently about who we are and how we choose to function. Old paradigm would suggest more effort, but that is just how we got into this pattern! We try to stretch out of our pattern. Generally we over-stretch as this is the habit pattern once more, setting off a dynamic of recoil which requires more stretch to get back to the same place.

Here is another way to think differently: to quote one of my mentors, “It is not about more flexible bodies, it is about more flexible minds.” Moshe’ Feldenkrais. Thinking from inside out, take a moment to have your choice, be less automatic. Invite your bones (see first blog entry on Bones) to lead in your actions—all of them—as a system. We have begun to think and function in parts. We—body, mind,and Spirit—are totally related. If we do not interfere with ourselves, communication and responsibility come naturally.

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Bones second most supportive component in our life…

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