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Swan in our brain…mystic temple

April 12, 2011
by lifeimpressionsbodywork

There is an elegant membranous structure within the core of your brain which establishes placement of the brain segments. This structure anchors like a fine suspension system for an expensive automobile.

In the Osteopathic tradition it is called the reciprocal tension membrane. The R.T.M. anchors front to back, side to side, and top to bottom (this is over-simplifying a very elaborate connecting system but will serve the purpose of this writing).

The ‘beak of the swan’ places her forehead as if taking a bow more of less behind our own third eye, also known as the spiritual eye; her wings, called tentorium, spread laterally, engaging the inside of the bones surrounding, and slightly above, our two ears. Her wings are low on her sides, as if humble, resting on our own water of life within the cranium, yet not effected by so many random thoughts!

‘Swans feet’ extend as a shaft down into the brain encompassing the spinal membranes. As if she clutches the most precious aspects of our being (not that all of us is not so), she holds all brain matter and touches the Spiritual Eye. She is said to rock in such a manner as to ‘ring the bell’ of the brain. Her elegant sheets of tissue her body resilience is involved in pumping of the cerebrospinal fluid/spiritual waters, the carrier of Sushumna in Hindu scripture.

Though her mid-line she maintains a space between intellect and spontaneity, otherwise known as left and right hemispheres. She divides, yet connects patterns of thinking, passing information through her center.

With the structure of her flow ing, sustaining parts, she embraces definition and continuity, or holds us together; yet keeps ‘specialized’ compartments (old brain reptilian, memory, responsibility), so many functions, under her wings and about her flanks. Strong lines of force, yet feathery delicacy maintain order: one fluid breath at a time for the entire life, and slightly beyond, possibly sending ‘us’ onward from the form when when we have outgrown its worth.

In many spiritual traditions the Swan is a very spiritual symbol (my teacher Yogananda uses the Swan in the logo for his organization; I think representing the idea of resting in/upon the world but not succumbing to its ‘charms’). The Swan within our cranium thus takes on another deeper significance, possibly that of a mystic temple (again note the shape).

In many healing traditions the bone of the sacrum is referred to as the Holy Bone: the swan may be the Holy Membrane. I pose the idea that there are many sacred shapes within our form; in fact one focal point of the Life Impressions Method is to recognize our form as a temple, every cell, bone, and tissue.

Possibly reflecting upon the Swan within our head can inspire such introspection. Note the image, feel within for her soft undulations within your waters of life.

Next time there is occasion to bow the head to nature, a temple, the Divine within another person, place, or revered object one might feel the delicate inner swan, so pure, white, even with the possible murky watered thoughts all about, bowing with us.

Namaste (I bow to the Divine within you!).


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  1. July 22, 2011 9:12 pm

    That is such a beautiful article. Easy to see and feel. Thank you for such a poetic description.
    I got your book while in India‚Äďand as a long time bodyworker, I hope to meet you some day and take a course.
    In TN now. Loving Kindness, Karen-sky

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